The Company

Kavanar Latex Ltd. is a joint venture of The Rubber Board (Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India), and Rubber Producers' Societies. Founded in 1990, the Company is specialised in the manufacture and marketing of Natural Rubber like Technically Specified Rubber (known in India as ISNR) and also Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS).

A wide range of Products

Kavanar Latex Ltd. is bringing out a wide range of Ribbed Smoked Sheetproducts like ISNR 10, ISNR 20, Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS), Air Dried Sheets (ADS) etc. We also have a large estate inputs distribution wing catering to the needs of the rubber plantation sector. Again, RSS 1X, RSS 1, RSS 2, RSS 3, RSS 4 and RSS 5 are also supplied as per customer requirements.








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Kavanar Latex Ltd., Processors and Exporters of Natural Rubber and TSR.
Suppliers of quality rubber products, where rawmaterials are direct from farms.
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